Henry Dakak Jr. is a Lebanese designer whose bespoke creations and interiors are an interesting dialogue between the past, the present and the future.



Ever since he was a child, Henry wanted to become a film director. His passion for cinema is reflected in many of his creations and scenic interiors. Driven by his artistic interests, Dakak pursued a degree in History of Art and Heritage Management at the University of Buckingham. He then returned to Lebanon to work alongside his parents and manage his father’s business. His family was always a source of inspiration, in particular his grandfather, a gifted mechanical engineer and inventor who owned a large furniture factory.
Attracted by machines and engineering, Henry turned the factory into a creative laboratory where he could combine his love of art and cinema with industrial aesthetics. The process of designing and forging his own creations begins spontaneously. Experimenting with all kinds of materials, Henry lets his imagination flow under the guidance of his intuition.
In 2010 he founded his own company, HHD Henry Dakak Jr.


Having spent his youth in antiques, fine furniture and decorative accessories, Henry Dakak has forged his own personality through studies focused on art.

He designed and realized creations using the finest materials with an exclusive design. His sculptures and furniture items have been in the spotlight over the past decade. But as he always wanted to extend HHD in different fields of art and craft, this visionary esthete launches its expertise in the making of jewelry under the label HHD.

His reputation is well established; he is a master in the mix of old and contemporary inspirations. His skills, creativity, refinement, attention to detail plunged him for two years in the design of handcrafted jewelry. The detail is an essential part of his creative process. Each piece is crafted to the dregs to achieve excellence.

The HHD jewels collection is mostly made of 21K gold where gems are carefully selected to set in, respecting the traditional craftsmanship. Timeless pieces that appeal to all beauty lovers where the modern touch is present in every creation.



His creations merge traditional and contemporary styles while conserving the art of master craftsmanship, its handiwork and knowledge. 







Conserving the value of traditional techniques through handwork and know-how, Dakak is known for his contemporary revival of techniques such as cabinetwork and ironwork, in which he marries cold and warm materials, high-end sophistication with raw material beauty.

A firm believer that perfection comes from intuition, his work is defined by a continuous, unrelenting evolution. He creates in bursts of inspiration, creatively sourcing his material from used or derelict objects. In this second life, recycled objects and details are often estranged from their original function and personalized–“given a soul” as he might say.